The purpose of this blog is to talk about France as an economy and about French Business.  My interests are very eclectic, ranging from French History through French Culture to an understanding of the French psyche.

There are other aspects of France, such as cooking and wine, which are very well treated in a range of other resources on the web and in different blogs so I will not go into them.

My everyday reading includes the newspapers Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos and La Tribune.  I am based in that part of Paris which is near the old Bourse and some of the most enjoyable moments of the day are when I meet up with friends who work in a large range of cultural and financial institutions in the area.  In one direction, the National Library is only about 200 Yards from my office and the National Theatre (La Comédie Française) is about 500 yards away.  In the other direction, and the cafés in which most of the stock market people take an early expresso begin not even 50 yards away.  Many of these people strike up acquaintance in the cafés and so the debates that mingle culture and finance are far from rare.

If there are any aspects of the French Economy and Business World that you think would be interesting to a wide audience, please send me a request or a comment and I will do my best to give you a good answer.


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