According to the very interesting French trade magazine "Linéaires" the hypermarkets in the country are facing tough times.  The two biggest hypermarkets in France are run by Auchan and Carrefour, Auchan at Vélizy a suburb just outside Paris and Carrefour at Antibes on the Côte d'Azur.

The Auchan Vélizy store saw sales drop by 2% and the Carrefour Antibes store saw sales drop by 1.7%.  These decreases were larger than those of 2005.

Linéaires has established a league table of the top 100 hypermarkets in France.  Out of the top 25, 17 saw a decrease in sales.  If we look at the top 100 in more detail we see that Auchan owns 44 of them and Carrefour 43.  Of the remaining 13, Leclerc (a group of independent operators who have one or more hypermarkets under the Leclerc Brande Name) has eight hypermarkets, and Cora (a regional operator in France, founded by the Belgian Louis Delhaize) has four.  This leaves one to Géant-Casino near Marseille.  To learn more you can check out the website below or contact us.

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